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Restaurant Wine Reviews Benovia Winery's 2006 Wines


5 Stars | 2006 La Pommeraie Chardonnay

"Exceptional: supple, rich. and finely flavored, a Chardonnay with intensity, complexity, and balance, with a persistent finish, tasting of green apple, lemon peel, honey, toast, peach, and spicy oak. Unfined, unfiltered."

5 Stars | 2006 Pinot Noir, Cohn Vineyard

"The Cohn bottling is exceptional: rich, full bodied, and concentrated; a Pinot Noir with excellent balance and character (blueberry, cherry, raspberry, white peppercorn, clove and rosehips); very long finish."

4 Stars | 2006 Bella Una®

"Bella Una is an aromatic, crisp, intensely flavored Pinot Noir that has Burgundy-like character and structure. It is full-bodied, round, moderately intense in character, and crisp and long on the finish, tasting of red currant, clove and toast."


By Ronn Wiegand, Restaurant Wine, January 2009