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DC-3 Specifications

Wingspan: 95' 0"

Length: 64' 6"

Height: 16' 11½"

Max. Cabin width: 7' 8"

Max Cabin height: 6' 7"

Cabin length: 30' 0"

Airline passenger seats: 21-28

Airline seat pitch: 39"

Baggage compartment: 123 cu. ft.

Wing area: 986 sq. ft.

Empty weight: 17,720 lb.

Max Takeoff weight: 25,200 lb.


Power Plants:

Two Pratt & Whitney R-1830-92 Twin Wasp 14 cylinder radial engines with two speed superchargers, 1200 h.p. each. Three bladed Hamilton-Standard constant speed airscrews, 11' 6" in diameter.

Two main fuel tanks located forward of center-section spar, 210 gal. each. Two auxiliary tanks of 201 gal. each aft of spar. Total fuel capacity: 822 gal.

One oil tank, 29 gal., in each engine nacelle.



Maximum speed: 215 m.p.h.

High speed cruise: 194 m.p.h.

Economical cruise: 165 m.p.h

Stall speed: 67 m.p.h

Max fuel range: 1370 miles with 3500 lb payload

Max payload range: 350 miles with 6570 lb. payload

Service ceiling: 23,200 ft.

Max rate of climb, sea level: 1130 ft/min.



First flight: Dec. 17, 1935

First passenger service: June 25, 1936 by American Airlines, between New York (Newark) and Chicago (Midway)


Total built: 10,629

as civilian DC-3 and DST: 455

as military C-47, C-53, and others: 10,174


All civilian DC-3 and military C-53s were built at Clover Field, Santa Monica, California. Military C-47s were built in Long Beach, California, or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

DC3 Specs

DC3 Specs