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Located off Westside Road outside Healdsburg, the historic Cohn Vineyard was planted in 1970, making it one of the oldest Pinot Noir vineyards in the Russian River area.  The vineyard is part of a 55-acre ranch purchased in 2003 by Benovia owners Joe Anderson and his wife, Mary Dewane.  This beautiful site is framed by redwood forests and incredible vistas of the Russian River Valley.  Recognized for its superb Pinot Noir and Zinfandel, over the years this site has produced celebrated single vineyard wines for Williams Selyem and Kosta Browne.

The late Enid Sales, an architectural historian, preservationist and contractor renowned for restoring hundreds of Victorian homes in San Francisco, purchased the property in the mid-1970s. Ms. Sales nurtured the Pinot Noir vines and planted additional acres of Zinfandel before selling the property 10 years later and moving to Carmel to pursue her passion for architectural preservation.  It was under the direction of the next owners, Arnie and Tekla Cohn of Berkeley, California, that the mountaintop vineyard developed its well-deserved reputation for producing exceptional fruit.

The iron-rich clay-loam soils are sometimes referred to as 'Terra Rosa' soils for their intense red color.  Josephine series loam soils are mixed with quartz and cobblestones which give the wines from this site an intense minerality. In 2009 we transitioned to organic viticulture and have seen tremendous improvements in the health of the soil and the dynamism of the vines.

Today we farm almost 9 acres of heirloom-clone Pinot Noir and another 8.7 acres of Zinfandel at Cohn.  Grapes harvested from this site are used to create a single vineyard Pinot Noir, as well as our delicious Zinfandel.  This flagship vineyard continues to excite and challenge us as winegrowers and will provide the raw materials for some amazing wines for years to come.


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